Looking into the slit

Created: 02 October 2015
Published:02 October 2015
Last updated: 27 October 2017



When looking in the slit with a faint backlight something strange can be seen with the naked eye ( about 500 megapixels). The slit used is a mechanical slit. With the yellow handle it can be opened and closed.


When you put your eye against the slit and opens it slowly, thin black parallel lines are visible. It is out of focus for my eye, but they are clearly there.

When the slit widens they move apart, when the slit closes they move together and seem to get thinner. This also is the case with the lines of light between the black lines. 🙂

Unfortunately I did not manage yet to take a sharp picture with my 14 megapixels camera.




Maybe the two edges of  matter create a force field. Remember that matter is a matrix of volume with a contamination of matter. The volume is constructed from energy too. Thus a energy field can be possible, just as interaction with energy from photons.

Inside the matter the energy level in the volume is lower than in the volume in between the air molecules inside the slit. How can we model this energy field?